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Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose -- Let's Get Creative!

Posted on July 01 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose -- Let's Get Creative!

Babies outgrow things fast, and it's hard not to feel guilty looking at the piles of things you bought just months ago now heading to garbage bin. There are a lot of great ways to save money while curbing waste: shop at consignment and thrift stores, seek out hand-me-downs, and donate or pass on what you no longer use. But outgrown supplies are also a way to get crafty, repurposing yesterday's shower gifts into this year's holiday gifts.

Baby Food Jars

Rinse those old jars, peel off the labels, and use them for everything from bud vases to small item storage. Clean, empty food containers also make great additions to your child's play kitchen – just be careful about glass or sharp edges on some containers. Consider saving a few jars for favors for baby's first birthday party, too! They make a great little gift filled with small toys or candy.

Baby Socks

Passing on outgrown clothing is a great way to help others while helping yourself declutter, but what about all those mismatched baby socks you can't donate? Those adorable loners can make soft, simple puppets, stuffed toys, or yes – even gifts! Try attaching a ribbon to a baby sock for a sweet, sentimental ornament sure to delight the grandparents.

Plastic Baby Wipe Containers

Plastic wipe containers are just the right size to store tons of things, from card games and small toys to makeup and hair accessories.

Diaper Pail

After all, what's a diaper pail but a place to store smelly things? So when you're ready to bid farewell to diapers (hallelujah!) consider moving your pail to the kitchen as temporary storage for food scraps on their way out to the compost bin.

Baby Bathtub

It seems like only yesterday your baby was dwarfed by their giant plastic tub, and now they can barely fit inside it! When she's ready for the big tub, hang on to the baby tub. A large waterproof container is useful for anything from gardening to cleaning, or let her keep it for supervised water play! A baby tub filled with water and some cups will keep your toddler splashing for hours! (Make sure never to leave young children unattended during water play.)

Baby Box

Of course, your Baby Box is a perfect thing to repurpose! Your box has as many uses as your imagination can find, from toy storage to a book case. Or let your loved one try their hand at making a doll house, a fort, a caste, or a race car. We all know, there's nothing a toddler loves more than an empty box to play with – you will be amazed at what they come up with!

Tea party, anyone?