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Laughable Loveys: The Craziest Baby Attachment Objects

Posted on April 28 2016

Laughable Loveys: The Craziest Baby Attachment Objects

Attachment objects make babies feel safe, loved, and comforted. They can also be really weird! When your baby strays from the usual blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals, you can wind up with some very bizarre best friends.

Kitchen Cuddles

Wooden spoons, measuring cups, and flexible rubber spatulas are baby favorites, and we know of one baby who was so attached to a rubber spatula she insisted on bringing it with her to bed. One friend had a son who was attached to an empty plastic cup – he didn't want it filled with milk or water, he just wanted to carry it around while using a different cup for drinking. (Just make sure they don't get attached to anything dangerous.)

High-Tech Toys

Modern babies are just as in love with gadgets as their parents, and things like tables, phones, and remote controls are top attachment favorites. We know of several parents who have given an old phone or remote control, without cards or batteries, to their baby, but be warned! Bright babies can sometimes tell the difference between their disconnected device and the real thing and they will accept no substitutes.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Bed

Forming an attachment to a favorite toy is nothing unusual, but leave it to your toddler to choose a really BIG one. Oversized toy trucks are particularly unwieldy bed companions: they are big, hard, and anything but cozy, but lots of parents report that their little ones insist on sleeping with enormous toy cars and trucks!

Just Plain Weird

Who knows why kids get attached to certain things? Maybe it has an appealing texture, maybe it smells good, maybe we'll just never know. Some of the weirdest objects we've seen toddlers love include a golf ball, an old curtain, a padlock, and a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Does your baby have a weird security object?