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Beyond Walking and Talking: Some More Firsts to Get Excited About

Posted on April 28 2016

Beyond Walking and Talking: Some More Firsts to Get Excited About

From the moment your baby is born, you're probably imagining their first words and their first steps. But the magical thing about babies is that it's all firsts, from the first time they open their eyes to the first time they bite into an apple to the first time they ride a skateboard, sneak into an R-rated movie, or ask to borrow your car. Here are a few firsts to look forward to (or worry about!) as a parent, even if they never make the baby book:

1. First Time Swinging By Themselves

It's hard to believe it as you push your baby on the playground swings for the millionth time, but yes, someday they really will learn how to pump their legs themselves and it will be glorious.

2. First Time They Lie – and You Fall For It

It's doesn't take long from the time they learn to talk to the time they learn to lie. A toddler's first lies are so silly ("Really? Your teddy bear ate the cookies?") you might be tempted to smile instead of scold them. But sooner or later, a little kid's lies will actually fool you, so be on the lookout for the first time your preschooler insists that Daddy told them it was okay to do that.

3. First Time Out Without a Diaper Bag

Or a stroller, a swing, a crib, or a highchair. From the day of your baby shower you've been accumulating baby stuff at an alarming rate, but fear not – your house won't always look like a Babies R Us stock room. Before long, you'll be leaving the house without a diaper bag, a stroller, or anything more than your purse. Okay, we admit it – it's still a pretty big purse.

4. First Time Using Real Dishes

Goodbye, plastic divided dishes and sippy cups! Someday, believe it or not, your home will once again be filled with actual, grown-up person nice things, like wine glasses and china plates and sofa cushions that don't zip off. And none of it will even be baby-proofed!

5. First Time They've Read a Book – and You Haven't

We remember the day our first grader started talking about her new favorite chapter book and we didn't know what she was talking about. Once your little one is reading to herself, you may find you are struggling to catch up. But that doesn't mean you have to give up on family reading time – even big kids love to be read to. Or start a family book club, where you all agree to read the same book and discuss it together.