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How to Dress a Baby: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted on May 29 2016

How to Dress a Baby: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do you dress a baby? No, not like that. We don't mean fashion, we mean how do you dress your baby? Managing all those buttons, snaps, zippers and weird features (what's up with those shoulder flaps?) on a squirming baby is no easy task.

1. Step One: Start to remove your baby's clothes. But be careful! Touching any part of a newborn's outfit is like playing Operation. Be ready for wailing, crying, and let's not even discuss what can go wrong when you disturb a dirty diaper.

3. Step Two: Now your newborn is freezing, and they're mad. Hurry!

4. Step Three: Start with the feet. Try to get those small, constantly kicking legs into footed pajamas long enough to pull the rest up over their shoulders, then maneuver their flailing arms and tiny, clenched fists through the sleeves. That's a start!

5. Step Four: This is the hard part. The fasteners. Every single onesie, bodysuit, or pajama set seems to have its own special set of buttons, snaps, zippers, and velcro, and no two are alike. If you're very unlucky, you'll wind up with snaps that run all the way from one foot to the other, which all but guarantees you won't get them aligned on the first try. Or the fifth.

6. Step Five: You've done it! He's clean, he's warm, he's dressed! Now enjoy it, because you'll have to do it all again in about twenty minutes.