The Parenting Hall of Fame

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What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love of your baby?

Sharing is Caring

Babies love to share, from their chewed-up cookies to their licked ice cream cones. Saying "thank you!" with a big smile works most of the time, but really demanding babies won't rest until you put that "present" in your mouth for real.

Crazy Costumes

You may not have dressed up for Halloween since you were a coed, but family parades and preschool parties are about to change all that. Get ready to get goofy, whether it's dads in tutus or moms in face paint. For one family we know, that means every year their son gets to pick the group costume – and every year, Mom gets stuck as the bad guy. It takes a heroic mom to forego the Tinkerbell costume because her son is sure she should be Smee.

And Crazier Cocktails

What do you get when you mix powdered sugar, yogurt, apple juice, and sparkling water? We don't know, but we know it isn't good! We know of many parents of pint-sized mixologists who've had to drink some pretty awful concoctions for the cause of parenting.

Hair Horrors

What's the only thing worse than your kid cutting their own hair? Cutting yours! We know of many moms who let their child style their hair, from ouch-inducing brushing to tangled up-dos, but the worst we've heard is the mom who thought she was sitting down for a styling session until she found she was getting a cut instead!

Sewer Savior

Parenting heroism is often very dirty work, frm having someone sneeze in your face to catching vomit in your hands. One father we know came to the rescue when his son accidentally flushed his beloved lovey down the toilet (yes, the toilet!) With some quck thinking and a little knowledge of plumbing, he was able to get under the house and intercept the bedraggled stuffed rabbit on its way to the main sewer line and return it to his son. But not before he washed it. Very, very thoroughly.

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