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Fertility Myths and Superstitions

Posted on May 11 2016

Fertility Myths and Superstitions

The desire to boost fertility isn't new – long before menstruation tracking apps and at-home ovulation kits, our ancestors resorted to some pretty weird methods to try and make a baby. All of these methods are harmless--even if they aren't effective--but it should go without saying, don't try these or any other fertility tricks without first consulting your physician.

Legs Up! Keeping your legs elevated after sex is perfectly harmless – if somewhat uncomfortable! - but there's no evidence that gravity does anything to help sperm move up towards your uterus.

Eat Steak. Or any red meat. While a protein- and iron-rich diet is important for overall health, there's no reason to think gorging yourself on red meat – or any other specific food, from honey to raw eggs – will increase your fertility. Sticking to healthy food and a healthy weight is a better bet.

That's Amore! Having sex during a full moon may be romantic, but nothing about the moon affects pregnancy or fertility, no matter what your grandmother says.

Crystal Healing. A number of crystals supposedly boost fertility, including moonstone, rose quartz, and smoky quartz. But while a beautiful stone may elevate your mood, there's no way it can elevate your fertility.

Relax, already! Managing your stress is important at every stage of life, but there is no evidence that stress alone decreases fertility. In fact, stressing about your stress only adds to the many challenges of dealing with fertliity issues, and makes some women feel guilty that their own stressful lifestyle is hurting their chances for a baby. The truth is, there's no vacation, spa day, or breathing exercise that magically increases fertility – just focus on your overall health and don't give yourself one more thing to worry about.

Borrow a Baby. You've heard it from your great aunt: holding someone else's infant puts you on the fast-track for having your own. And while cuddling an adorable newborn might make you more enthusiastic about motherhood, it does nothing to increase your body's fertlity. Still, snuggle away! There's nothing wrong with enjoying some baby bonding time, whether or not it helps you conceive.