Common Pregnancy Dreams and What They Mean

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Combine heavy doses of hormones with uneven sleep and some (very understandable) anxiety about a big, exciting, but sometimes scary change, and it's no wonder that for many women, pregnancy is a time for intense, vivid, sometimes unsettling dreams. But rest easy! Decoding these common dreams can help you get a handle on how you feel, and get a good night's sleep.

It's a – Puppy?

Many women dream about giving birth to a cute, cuddly creature, like a kitten or puppy. Or you may imagine a less benign animal, like a hungry tiger or creepy insect. While the latter can reveal some apprehension about your baby-to-be, don't worry – some anxiety about a huge new responsibility is perfectly normal and it doesn't mean you won't be delighted to meet your adorable new (human) baby when they appear.

He's Cheating

As you get bigger, you may be feeling insecure about your appearance, especially if the type or amount of sex you are used to with your partner has changed. The strains of pregnancy may also lead to more bickering, all of which can make you feel uneasy about your partnership. Dreams that your partner has a wandering eye are common, but when you feel this way, be sure to communicate your insecurities with your partner – a little reassurance can go a long way.

You're Cheating

But only in your dreams. Many women have passionately erotic dreams during pregnancy: likely a combination of hormones, anxiety about your changing appearance, and often, less frequent sex in real life. Often your dream partner is an ex or someone else from your youth, perhaps revealing a longing to go back to the carefree, child-free life you imagine you had before, one where you were seen as sexy and alluring. As with dreams of your partner's wandering, remember: these types of dreams do not mean your relationship is doomed, so make sure to not take them too seriously. A little reassurance from your partner will do wonders to put you at ease.

What's in a Name?

A lot! And many pregnant women dream about what they do – or don't – want to name their baby. Many parents feel like the name they ultimately choose "came to them in a dream." Some even feel their baby "told them" his or her name. This can be a magical feeling, so enjoy it! But remember, the ultimate decision rests with you and your partner, so don't feel compelled to choose something you don't really love, even if a dream tells you to.

Labor Day

As your due date approaches, you will likely find yourself preparing for it in a dream. These dreams might be silly – the baby magically pops out from under your dress! - or scary, even gross. It's no wonder you would be anxious about what is a pretty intense experience! And new mothers, especially, often just don't know what to expect, which leaves it to their dreaming minds to fill in the blanks. Whether you dream of giving birth to a fully grown man, or your water breaking and flooding your entire house, don't be alarmed. As soon as the real event starts, you'll see you are much more in control than you are in your dreams.

Didn't I Just Have a Baby?

You wake up in a panic, convinced you had your baby and then accidentally left her at the mall. Or you dream that you go into labor and leave the hospital alone. Pregnant women and the mothers of newborns often have panicked dreams where they neglect or forget their new baby. This is a totally natural response to a very big, new responsibility in your life. What if you aren't a good mother? What if you can't manage it? But as soon as that initial panic wears off, you can laugh at these extreme dreams, knowing there is no way you'll accidentally leave your baby at the gym – you are just working through some nerves.

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