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You're eight weeks pregnant. You're feeling nauseous, tired, and moody; but you aren't showing yet and you haven't broken the news to your friends and family. Welcome to the first trimester!

First-time moms, especially, can take awhile to look pregnant, but that doesn't mean you don't feel pregnant! But unlike pregnant women farther along, you aren't yet getting the perks of that baby bump. That's right: you're exhausted riding home on the subway, but no one is jumping up to give you their seat. You wake up feeling sick and exhausted, but don't expect your coworkers to shower you with sympathy when you miss a morning meeting. As far as the world knows, you're just a slacker.

Of course, many women do start gaining weight early in their pregnancy, but that presents its own challenges. People tend to respond with affection to a woman with a visible bump, but a small amount of all-over weight gain might leave you just feeling fat. For most moms, it's too early to fit into maternity clothes, but your old stuff is starting to strain and bulge in unflattering ways. Or you may resort to the most baggy, comfortable, flexible clothing you have – and who can blame you? But for a usually fashion-conscious mama, wearing nothing but oversized t-shirts and yoga pants can be a real drag.

Every woman makes their own decision about when to announce the big news, but many modern mothers wait until late in the first trimester or early in the second to splash it all over social media. If you're keeping quiet, though, that means having to explain a lot of behavioral changes. More than one first-trimester mother has been grilled by her friends when she starts skipping happy hour drinks, or switches from regular to decaf. Meanwhile, life goes on as usual, which means friends and family will keep making plans while you sit there quietly knowing that the reunion they're planning is on your due date.

Soon you'll be showing, the word will be out, and no one will be wondering why you're passing on the soft cheeses or falling asleep on the sofa before the evening news. But as hard as it may be, try to savor this time. For now, this little baby is a wonderful little secret for you and your partner. Soon enough the whole world will have an opinion on what you should do, eat, wear, and think. Welcome to the second trimester.

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