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What Your Baby Needs - and What They Don't

Posted on May 17 2016

What Your Baby Needs - and What They Don't

Shopping for a new baby can be overwhelming. There are thousands of products available in dozens of styles, colors, and sizes, and everyone has an opinion on what you need. Ultimately, only you can decide what's right for you, but this simple guide should help. Just remember – when it comes to baby shopping, sometimes less is more.

The Baby Box Company is a great place to start. The Everything But the Stork Box contains almost everything you need for a new baby, all stored in a sturdy box that's a safe, comfortable place for baby to sleep.


Often the first thing moms buy for their new baby is a place to sleep: a crib, bassinet, or something else. The Baby Box is a great sleeping spot for the youngest babies, and it doubles as a travel crib, a bassinet, or play pen for use during the day, too. And unlike bulky, heavy portable cribs, you can effortlessly move it from room to room, which can be a great help with recovering from childbirth. Plus, no folding an unfolding, which – trust us! - is a huge benefit!

But what should baby wear to sleep? A selection of onesies or footed pajamas (depending on the season) are a great place to start. The Halo SleepSack inside our Baby Box is a safe, comfortable alternative to a blanket. These sleeping bags are available in light muslin for summer babies, heavier cotton for winter babies.


Are you planning on trying to breastfeed? If so, you may not need any special gear, though some mothers enjoy a breastfeeding pillow and maybe a nursing cover for when they go out.

If you are planning on using pumped breast milk or formula, you may want to get some bottles made just for the youngest babies.

Don't worry about cups, spoons, trays, and the rest - you'll have awhile before starting solid foods.

On the Go

A stroller and/or baby carrier is a great way to keep mobile with a little one. And of course, a carseat is an absolute must. Even if you don't own your own car, you need to have one to use when getting rides in other people's cars or in taxis. Plus your detachable car seat can double as a baby carrier, though they are more bulky and heavier than a carrier. And make sure to bring it to the hospital – you won't be released without one.

Getting Dressed

This is one place where buying a bit more can make sense. Of course, babies outgrow things quickly – but they also make a lot of laundry! Having a few extra onesies, caps, socks, etc. can buy you a few more much-needed rest days between washes.

Bath Time

Gentle, natural alternatives are best for bathing baby. With soft organic wash clothes and a gentle, organic cleanser, you'll be ready to go right from the beginning.

Everything Else

It's tempting when you're setting up a registry to throw in the kitchen sink, getting everything from bouncers to highchairs to toys. But remember, a newborn isn't ready for most of those things yet, so don't rush and give yourself time to see what you really need and when.