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How to Help Your Partner Feel More Involved With Your Infant

Posted on June 11 2016

How to Help Your Partner Feel More Involved With Your Infant

Whether you and your partner are still in newborn foggy bliss or deep within infant milestones, it can be easy for the primary caregiver (especially if one of you is breastfeeding) to feel in the driver’s seat with your child’s daily routine. It’s necessary for both of you, as a couple and as parents, to make sure you balance all those little one’s big responsibilities.

Share those feeding times

Make some space and rest side by side as you nurse the baby together. Even better if you two can create that routine at the same time (or times) each day. These times can give you moments of solitude, as well as establishing that nurturing provider bond for your loved one too.

Ease doctor’s visits

It’s important that you both know the valuable players in your growing child’s life. Their pediatrician’s office, especially, should be a familiar place for all of you. These checkups can be rough with waiting rooms, crunchy paper sheets, and prickly vaccines, so share the chance to comfort your little one (and your own heartache and patience) from any of those pains.

Redefine “date night”

Of course you should set aside time for romance, but it’s also crucial to set aside time for your own quality getaways. Block out time every week, if you can, and go appreciate being solo for a few hours. No baby, no partner, no work. Stepping away gives your partner and child their own routined quality time to build on.

Ask questions

Sure, parenting is amazing and beautiful, but it can also be incredibly confusing, frustrating, and sometimes even boring. Say these fleeting feelings out loud with your partner! One of the best parts about being a couple is creating a collaborative mind to problem solve, or even just vent about, whatever life throws at you. Be scared, annoyed, exhausted, and worried together.