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The Earliest Milestones

Posted on June 16 2016

The Earliest Milestones

You’re reading all the baby books and you’re mindful of all the right phases and what “should be” and what “could be” your baby’s physical and mental growth. These few months you understand that your baby isn’t ready to giggle at all your hair tossing or rattle shaking yet, but what and when is your baby going to get to that stage?


That startle reflex may look scary to you, but know that it’s your baby finding its center within a given space. Another way to check your baby’s physicality is to hold him above a table just enough that his little legs touch and mimic walking. Don’t sign him up for track just yet, but know that this is another way he’s learning the boundaries and interactions of his world. Babies root as a reflex too. Turning their heads and mouth toward that fundamental food source. These primitive reflex movements will only last for a few months, but they highlight physical development and recognized stimuli for your baby.


Focus is still developing, but objects in that 8-12 inch range are much clearer to your baby now. Colors can still be hard to differentiate, but your baby will most likely be drawn to high contrast colors and shapes. Set the object farther as your baby’s focus becomes quicker.


Sounds are still unfamiliar to your baby and may often startle him or get him to turn his head while you nurse, but that’s a good indicator that he’s hearing and starting to establish recognized reactions or feelings with certain sounds.

These first few weeks can be foggy for you and your baby. Soak in all the newness and trust in the day to day.