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Effective and Gentle Treatments for Gassy Babies

Posted on October 04 2016

Effective and Gentle Treatments for Gassy Babies

Before you reach for those over-the-counter drops, here are some ideas for you to help your little one get relief from belly discomfort:

Start at feedings

Make sure you are holding your baby at the proper angles. Your baby’s head should be higher than her stomach during feedings. If your baby has started on solids and is having trouble digesting, try to narrow down which ingredient is causing the problem.

Burp longer

Fight the urge to set baby back down and keep him upright to get all those little air pockets up and out of his system. Find the position or pat rhythm that works best for your babe. Make sure you are burping baby both midway and after the feeding.

Help her out

Gently massage her back while she’s laying on her belly with her legs tucked under or while she’s on her back pump her legs like she’s riding a bike. Warm baths can also help to relax your baby’s tense muscles and give her the rested ease to relieve herself.