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Mom Spotlight: Britt York

Posted on May 12 2014

Today we are spotlighting super mom Britt York, the hardworking mom to three absolutely gorgeous babies!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, when did you start your family, etc…?

I am originally from Dallas, Texas, where I met my husband, Kyle, in high school. We dated off and on, amid college (me) and a deployment to Iraq (him), before marrying in 2008. Right after we got married, we moved to Fort Bragg, NC, and our first daughter, Willa Caroline, arrived in March 2009. A month before Willa was born, I left my career as a middle school math teacher to become a stay-at-home mom and I couldn't imagine a better job for me. A few months after Kyle finished his military training in NC, we moved back to Texas, where Meredith Greer arrived 21 months after her sister in January 2011. Our third child, Henry Lawson, my only C-Section (sunny side up and pushing on his cord with every contraction), arrived Christmas Eve 2012. We just moved again and, with three children ages 5, 3, and 16 months, are discussing and praying about a possible Baby  #4!

What were your new mom must-haves?

My new mom must-haves for caring for baby were muslin swaddling blankets, a baby swing, a white noise machine, and a Boppy. For caring for me, a huge Nalgene bottle of filtered water, nursing bras, yoga pants, and the occasional helping hand from my moms group at church and our families.

What was the best part about being a new mom, for you?

The best part of being a new mom is the bonding. I adored the moment they put my girls on my chest after that last push. I still wish I had had that with my son. I co-sleep for the first few months, so all those moments spent nursing and snuggling skin to skin when I am the only one awake with my new baby are my best memories of having a newborn.

What was the hardest part about being a new mom?

The hardest things changed with each baby. With Willa, my first, it was not knowing what she wanted when she screamed or how to relieve her colic. I also forgot engorgement would subside after a few days. Thank goodness my loving husband rubbed my shoulders one night while I cried about it and reminded me it wouldn't last. I was so relieved! With Meredith, it was also colic, but also trying to heal from a vaginal birth while caring for a newborn and a 21 month old. And with my third, Henry, it was my C-Section. I had a really quick emergency C-section, so the cut wasn't very pretty. It left me hunched over and in so much pain for weeks. It was so hard to get comfortable to nurse and co-sleep, and having to tell my girls I couldn't snuggle was horrible and so hard on them.

Anything that really took you by surprise?

I think most of my surprises have come from having a boy. My family is mostly girls, so a boy was an exciting surprise at the ultrasound! From my circumcision fears to the fact that he already makes bodily noises to elicit laughter from his sisters, I'm in for some serious fun and confusion with this one.

What is/was your most trusted resource?

My most trusted resource is really my instinct. I do a lot of reading and get great advice from my mom, but at the end of the day no one knows my kiddos better than me. I think the same goes for every mother. And my husband and I are a solid team when it comes to how we want to raise our children. We are each other's sounding board and we discuss a lot of our parenting techniques before implementing them. We make a lot of mistakes, and are honest with our kids about that, but from the mistakes come a better understanding of ourselves as parents and what works best for each child's personality. We definitely learned that each child has to be parented a little bit differently!

Are there any key pieces of advice you would pass on to new moms?

Trust your instinct. Ask for help so you can rest - you need it and people love holding babies they can give back when hungry or poopy! And never be afraid to ask your pediatrician to explain further or back up their course of treatment if you feel uneasy or confused.

We are struggling with one, so we can't imagine having three kids -- how do you do it??

I can't imagine life without those three babies. Each pregnancy brought fears of juggling everything I need to do for a newborn with spending time one on one with the ones I already had. Oh yeah, and time with my husband! I am constantly trying to be aware of who may need an extra snuggle, hug, or alone time to talk, but I don't always get it right. And with a husband in the military who is out of town more than home most of the year, it is definitely stressful. I guess I do what I have to do, play the cards I have been blessed with, and leave the dishes for the morning if needed. My floors aren't very clean and our clothes aren't ironed, but everyone ends most days healthy, happy, and safely to bed. And those three things are what I strive for every day. I make sure each of my kids not only laughs, but has a good honest belly laugh every day and a solid fifteen minutes alone with me or Daddy at bedtime to be reminded they are cherished and loved. Then I ask for a foot rub (my angel of a husband often obliges), watch TV until Fallon is over, and browse shopping websites until someone wakes up needing least one of them does every night. And I treasure it.