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The Baby Box Co. at Elizabeth House

Posted on July 14 2014

At The Baby Box Co., we are committed to helping struggling mothers and their infants. Our dedication to the charity Children International is most actively publicized online, but we also contribute to a number of other groups via our one-for-one program. Today we’d like to spotlight a smaller organization which we support that’s making a big difference for women and children in the Los Angeles area.

Elizabeth House provides shelter, support and hope to women and their children during pregnancy and beyond. Hear what Elizabeth House alum TaAmir has to say about her transformative experience:

When I came to Elizabeth House, I was lost and broken. I felt very little hope for myself, let alone for the future of my baby. Not only was I homeless and pregnant, but I was angry and disappointed with myself at the choices I had made. The Elizabeth House program gave me the tools and support to believe in myself again. The case management, therapy, classes, mentoring, prenatal care and resources equipped me to move forward. Step by step, I was able to sort through the challenges of disposing behaviors that had blocked my ability to be a healthy and productive adult. Today, I am employed and living on my own with my two-year-old daughter. Elizabeth House continues to be there for me through the alumni services program. I believe God used this program to turn my life around. Step by step, day by day, I have embraced hope for my future.

Today Baby Box Co. co-founder Jennifer Clary delivered baby boxes for the current infant inhabitants of Elizabeth House and was able to witness this program’s amazing work first hand.


                                                            Jennifer carrying Baby Boxes into Elizabeth House.

 Elizabeth House is located in a safe residential neighborhood in Pasadena, a city in Los Angeles County. It is a beautiful facility for healing and regrouping.

                        Jennifer explains the safety features of Baby Boxes to Kali and shows her the contents within.

Jennifer was warmly greeted by Kali, Elizabeth House’s administrative assistant extraordinaire. Kali exudes kindness and it was such a pleasure to tour Elizabeth House with her as a guide!

The Baby Box Co. is so proud to play a small role in Elizabeth House’s tremendous community work. This is a non-profit which is literally changing the lives of women and children.

We hope you all have enjoyed learning about Elizabeth House and encourage you to show support by visiting their website at and by following them on Facebook.

The Baby Box Co.'s community outreach is made possible by all of you. Thank you so much for shopping at The Baby Box Co., for telling your friends and family about our brand, and for subscribing to our online community. It means the world. :)