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Gender Neutrality in Infant Products

Posted on July 29 2014



The Baby Box Co. is going gender-neutral as of July 1st. We’d like to share our motivation for these changes as we’ve put a lot of thought into it and believe the ideas we’ve bandied about leading up to this announcement may be of interest to you all.


Since opening for business at the end of 2013, The Baby Box Co. has gained a steady following of dedicated subscribers who value our brand’s commitment to providing top quality infant products while never losing sight of the bottom line—to help as many new parents and babies as possible. We believe that transitioning to a unisex product line starting July 1st is the most responsible decision for our company at this time.

We’re making changes with an eye on sustainability and securing a green future for our little ones.

The idea first came to us in our research of progressive international infant products for potential inclusion in our baby boxes. We stumbled onto a Swedish children’s clothing line with the following thought provoking statement:

Our collection consists of unisex clothing that is based on situation and function rather than on gender. As a clothing manufacturer, we want to make it our responsibility to offer an alternative to clothing that is based on gender. There is really no reason to design different models and fits for small boys and girls since there is no great difference in the way their bodies are shaped. We have taken an overall approach to unisex clothing, and consider not only color but also pattern and fit. We primarily want to offer children and parents freedom of choice.

This particular company further explained that unisex children’s clothing is a more sustainable, practical option in their estimation as it is more easily recycled for use by future infants as the first child’s rapid growth renders the article useless within months. At The Baby Box Co., one of our guiding lights has always been to have our boxes available as a safe, sustainable alternative to bassinets. Unlike bassinets, when babies outgrow their baby boxes, our boxes can be reappropriated as long term storage for toys, blankets and more. Given that sustainability has always been a major consideration for The Baby Box Co., it makes complete sense to us for the contents of our boxes be in line with this principal.

Further, by streamlining our inventory to be unisex as of July 1st, we will be able to offer our retail and wholesale clientele a greater value moving into the future. By decreasing the number of specific items we hold in stock, we will cut down on operation expenses. We will be passing along these savings directly to all of you in the hopes of getting our life saving products to more parents worldwide.

The Baby Box Co. will continue to provide its customers with only the highest quality infant products.  However, our shoppers will only be selecting from unisex baby boxes after July 1st at as we embrace a corporate future grounded in open mindedness, customer value and sustainability.