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The Baby Box Co. Gets a Boost in Finland!

Posted on July 30 2014

We were pretty excited today to see a big boost in web traffic from Finland, the country which provided our inspiration for founding The Baby Box Co. in the first place! We traced the source to the Helskinki Times, where an article about Baby Boxes came out in support of The Baby Box Co. as the international solution for providing economical, traditional maternity packages to new mothers outside of Finland. How cool is that!?  


For those of you who don't read Finnish, here's the translation so you can see what was said specifically about our booming baby box solution for new moms worldwide!

“The Finnish maternity package model attracted great interest from across the Atlantic and now the American company The Baby Box Co.delivers various Finnish Baby Boxes to 23 countries including Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The Baby Box Co. is founded by two female Americans and sells among other things a classic package, which is in the Finnish model with a mattress, a small stuffed animal (lovey), medical kit, and a variety of clothes. This package price is $99.99, or about 78 euros.

A founder of the company Jennifer Clary has said that the idea to start the growing international company came from learning about maternity packages provided in our Finnish model.”

Thanks for the love, Finland. It's totally reciprocated and this made our day incredibly awesome. :)