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The Baby Box Co. at Harvest Home

Posted on August 19 2014

At The Baby Box Co., we are committed to helping struggling mothers and their infants. Our dedication to the charity Children International is most actively publicized online, but we also contribute to a number of other groups via our one-for-one program. Today we’d like to spotlight a smaller organization which we support that’s making a big difference for women and children in the Los Angeles area.

Harvest Home is a large family home located near Santa Monica that houses up to eight pregnant women who are in crisis and find themselves homeless. Baby Box Co. co-founder Michelle Vick recently delivered baby boxes for their current inhabitants and was able to witness this program’s amazing work firsthand. Harvest Home's mission is to transform the lives of homeless, pregnant women and their children by identifying and overcoming the root causes of homelessness, and by promoting physical and emotional health, spiritual growth, and financial independence. In addition to food, shelter and clothing, they provide a comprehensive program aimed at helping these homeless pregnant women regain their independence, both emotionally and financially. After a woman has moved on, Harvest Home continues to provide supportive services through their Alumnae Follow Up Program.

We hope you all have enjoyed learning about Harvest Home and encourage you to visit their website at

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