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The Baby Box Co. Helps Moms at Room to Grow NYC

Posted on August 26 2014

We’ve been slammed here at The Baby Box Co. lately between welcoming Michelle’s second amazing daughter Willa to the world, redeeming the highest volume of incoming orders in our company’s history and launching our new collection Elephants on Parade. However, that’s no excuse to drop the blog ball! We are back on top of the blog in a big way and are so excited to share a non-profit we love, Room to Grow, with all of you. The mission of Room to Grow is to enrich the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their critical first three years of development. This commitment is very much in line with ours here at The Baby Box Co., and so we were thrilled to donate Baby Boxes to their NYC chapter last month.

Room to Grow provides support groups for parents with babies 0-6 months old.  

Elaine, the Director of Communications and Community Relations for Room to Grow, was kind enough to share how The Baby Box Co. made a difference for new moms in NYC and the success of this outreach initiative makes us incredibly happy! We thought we’d share Elaine’s words with you since it’s through customer support that we are able to give back to new moms in need.

New moms in need received Baby Boxes from The Baby Box Co. at Room to Grow NYC last month thanks to all of you!  

“The Baby Boxes are very manageable and attractive. The social workers found it so easy to give them out.  The items in the Baby Box and the Baby Box as a bassinet is appropriate for our new moms with infants and can be given out at their first visit with Room to Grow. The contents are all essential items that we distribute; additionally, it is wonderful to be able to give out materials in one neat package. The families that received the Baby Boxes were very pleased! One mom knew of the Finnish box tradition and was delighted that she would now have one for her baby. The Baby Boxes were light enough that the recipients were able to take them home via public transportation. One mom announced that she would keep the box always as a keepsake and storage container even after her baby outgrows the mattress. In summary, we love the boxes and so do our families in New York City! We can’t wait to do a trial run at our Boston site too and are looking forward to the next steps!!”

The Baby Box Co. is already prepped to support Room to Grow’s Boston chapter in September, as well as several other groups which we will blog about and introduce to all of you. If you are interested in learning more about our charitable partnerships or would like to assist our non-profit friends in their fundraising and distribution efforts, please reach out via email at