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Remedies for Infant Gas and Colic

Posted on September 15 2014

We are thrilled to have Rochel Ferman, one of LA's top mommy consultants, come on board as a contributor to our blog. Through her company Make My Baby Smile, she provides moms with age-appropriate day and nighttime routines, techniques, and tips to help babies thrive. Today, she is sharing advice on helping babies with gas and colic. Check out her website to learn more about her and to read more of her helpful tips!

Have you already tried changing your diet while breastfeeding or switched formulas and your baby still has gas? Their little bellies are growing at such a rapid rate! In order to make them as comfortable as possible there are a few products that are over the counter that can help:

Gripe water: A natural herbal remedy, consisting of ginger and fennel.

Mylicon or Little Tummies (which is Simethicone): This is baby Gas X. It is the same ingredient in adult Gas X, just a tiny amount.

Windi: you insert this up the baby's bottom and it immediately releases the gas.

Baby Probiotic: Probiotics just like we take in the correct dosage for a baby. BioGaia (now Gerber Soothe) is an over the counter brand to look for.

Happy Tummi: This is a band with lavender, chamomile and lemongrass that acts as aromatherapy. You wrap this around the belly and it calms them.

In addition to these you can do bicycles with their legs, belly time, and a small soft belly massage. Good luck!