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Veterans Day Spotlight, Savings, & More

Posted on November 11 2014

Veterans Day Spotlight

In honor of Veterans Day, we are spotlighting Baby Box fans the McCabes. We are so grateful for this beautiful family and all the other military families out there for the countless sacrifices that they make for our country! Please read the McCabe's story here:

"My name is Kelsey, and I’ve been a military wife for almost 3 years (our anniversary is actually on Veterans Day). My husband and I are first time parents to our 2 month old baby girl, Macy Noelle. My husband is a Navy SWCC here in Virginia Beach. He has been on 3 deployments and just returned 2 days ago from his 3rd deployment. During this deployment our daughter was born, and even though he missed her birth, and was able to get leave and come home for 2 weeks. He was able to call during labor and hear her first cry, and made it home before she turned a day old. We appreciated those 2 weeks together as a family, but after that he had to return to finish the deployment. Our daughter came a month early and it was a total surprise, but she is perfectly healthy and a beautiful baby. I am so proud of my husband and the amazing job he does to protect our country. It’s hard some days doing it on my own, but it’s so worth it when he comes home safely."

How precious is this photo of baby Macy Noelle with the American flag? We are in love!

Veterans Day Sale

Also in honor of Veterans Day, we are offering 20% off sitewide using promo code HERO. This code will be valid through midnight PST this Friday, November 14th. Enjoy!

Bringing Baby Boxes to Families in Need in Milwaukee

As you probably already know, philanthropy is a huge part of our mission here at The Baby Box Company. We are very proud of our box-for-a-box program, and we work with several non-profit partners including Children International, Every Mother Counts, and Room to Grow.

So naturally, we were thrilled when student Meena Nutbeam, inspired by the impact that Finland's baby box program had on Finnish infant mortality rates, decided that she would create a similar baby box program in Milwaukee, a city with a high infant mortality rate.

Through her non-profit organization Stork & Company, Meena's goal is to raise $8,500 this year to provide for 150 local babies in need. Please help support her campaign and spread the word by posting the link to her fundraising page on Facebook or Twitter:

We are so inspired and impressed by ambitious women like Meena who are striving to improve the health and safety of infants in their local communities! Please reach out to us if you would be interested in spearheading a similar initiative in your community.

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