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Meet the Madsens

Posted on December 01 2014

At The Baby Box Co., we’re lucky to get to know some of the wonderful families to whom we contribute. Such is the case with The Madsen Family. We received this beautiful letter (with pictures!) from Cassandra Madsen when we notified her that she’d be receiving a Baby Box as part of our holiday outreach. It warmed our hearts and we know what she has to say will resonate with many, so we’re excited to share her message with our supportive community of new parents.

I can't tell you how thankful I am to hear this news. I'm brought to tears reading this! What a wonderful gift on this Thanksgiving Day! My Husband and I were married almost four years ago and we have a beautiful little girl named Ruby. She's the light of our life and our shining star in the darkest of times. We are expecting our second bundle of joy in May of 2015 who we hope is healthy! We suffered a miscarriage in July and we are beyond blessed to be expecting again. 

My Husband had left his current job to begin working at a company that paid a higher wage to support us, so we decided to try for a baby. He put his all into that job but it wasn't good enough for the boss. His boss fired him right after I miscarried in July and he had to return to his old job at three dollars less in wage. Times have hit us in the hardest of ways, lack of spending money has caused us to take out loans and borrow money from family. We have a hard time keeping food in the house as they gave us assistance and then took it away because they are basing our income from my Husband's hourly wage and not what he actually brings home. Things we thought were necessary are now luxury. 


It's hard wishing on a star but your company is proof that there are good people in this World. My family is very loving! We love the simple things in life. Things like stargazing, nature walks, coloring and Lego building with our Daughter, spending time with our family and hoping for a better future. My Husband loves to draw; he really loves music and art. I love vintage pieces, antiques, decorating and music. Our little girl is so special, she loves people and spending time with anyone willing to play. She has a big heart and is always ready for a big hug. We love with all our hearts and our family and friends mean the most to us. I can't thank you enough for letting me share a little bit of our lives with you and for blessing us this holiday season.

 Receiving a Baby Box this year will help us in many ways. We won't have to worry about rushing to buy a crib or bassinet because our newborn will have a safe place to sleep.  Whatever goodies come with the box will definitely help us more than you know. Thank you for including something special for our toddler. We are so thankful for your company and for helping us in our hard time. 

Much love,

The Madsens