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Meet Robyn & Camryn

Posted on December 17 2014

The Baby Box Co.'s holiday giveaway continues! We're delighted to strengthen our growing community of moms helping moms by giving back to Robyn and her beautiful son Camryn. We know you all will warmly welcome our newest Baby Box mama and show your support for her parenting journey. :-)

Robyn is working hard daily to accomplish her goals and has her baby boy Camryn as motivation.

Robyn is 26 years old; she is the mother of six month old Camryn, her first born child who was born on June 9th. Robyn is a single mother who works part time as a nurse’s assistant. Being a nurse’s assistant is not the easiest job, but she manages to pull through in order to support her baby boy. She knows it’s important to stay positive, even though her living situation is not the greatest. She is currently between her mother’s home and friend’s home. Robyn is working on getting a place of her own in order to provide Camryn with a stable living condition. 

The Baby Box Co. is so glad to know that Camryn will now have a sleep-safe, easily transported Baby Box to increase his sense of security. We hope it will also give ambitious mom Robyn some much deserved peace of mind!