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Greenlite Interview + Organic Meal Delivery Giveaway!!

Posted on February 18 2015

Greenlite Meals, a sponsor that generously provides meal delivery discounts to our Baby Box recipients, is providing our Facebook fans with an awesome organic meal delivery giveaway! One lucky mama will receive a FREE Kick Starter + Shake Delivery from Greenlite valued at $160+!! 

Meet Matt Lenzi, the CEO of Greenlite Meals, in this thoughtful interview about his journey and inspiration for supporting new parents.   

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became the CEO of Greenlite Meals.

I moved to Los Angeles from Boston in 2012 and became the CEO of Greenlite Meals because I wanted to help other people achieve their wellness goals, whatever those might be! For some people eating healthy is a real challenge because of their obligations to others, their financial restrictions, or simply their mindset. It’s really, really hard to make a lifestyle adjustment stick. For me, it took losing my father unexpectedly to jumpstart my commitment to healthy living. His passing made me re-evaluate my life: I was 60 pounds overweight and well on my way to becoming diabetic just like he was. My dad and I were very close, I knew that he would have wanted me to avoid his mistakes, to learn from his life and use my skills to make the world a better place.  Truly, Greenlite Meals is an inspired venture—it’s inspired by him, by my dad.

Matt with his dad in Boston.

Greenlite Meals seems like a picky eater’s dream! You don’t include dairy in the meals, you use organic produce, you have a nutritionist on staff who works with your chef to develop the menu. Can you explain why Greenlite’s offerings are so particular?


Sure. For starters, organic produce is free of neurotoxins (which are bad for you) and higher in vitamin C, antioxidants, and the minerals calcium, iron chromium, and magnesium (which are good for you).  Since many of our customers have families, we also keep in mind that children’s growing brains and bodies are more susceptible to toxins than ours are as adults. Organic foods help to give our younger eaters the fuel they need without exposing them to dangerous pesticides and GMOs. There are so many reasons to choose organic…I’m sure I’m missing key points here! But certainly organic is more sustainable for our collective health and for our planet. 

Then in terms of health and dairy--we don’t include dairy in our meals because milk contains 27% more calories than Coca-Cola along with just over 3 teaspoons of sugar. The health benefits of dairy-which are that it contains calcium and vitamins B12 and B2—do not outweigh the health risks of regular dairy consumption according to current, non-dairy industry subsidized, scientific studies. We also don’t include dairy in our products because many of our customers are lactose intolerant. The majority of our shoppers are women ordering for themselves and for their families. Dairy allergies among children are well documented and according to David Ludwig (pediatrician) and Walter Willett (nutritionist) of Harvard University there is the disconcerting fact that bone fracture risks across all age groups tend to be lowest in countries where populations statistically consume the least milk. Considering that women with children comprise a significant portion of Greenlite’s customer base, I feel that it’s my job to provide them with plenty of dairy free meal options. Particularly when breastfeeding, many women are advised by their doctors to avoid dairy, which is difficult!

 If you’ve just introduced a new family member, you’re likely exhausted and slightly overwhelmed as is; adding a dietary change like cutting back on (or totally eliminating) dairy into the mix can feel like a major additional hassle. So at Greenlite, consumers facing this and similar issues can select from a wide range of dishes that appeal to their taste without going against their doctor’s recommendations.


We have customers who replace one meal a day with a Greenlite meal or shake and we have customers who exclusively use our service for all of their dietary needs. Everyone has different requirements and we really strive to accommodate all of our customers’ special requests. 

Why is Greenlite Meals a sponsor for The Baby Box Co.? 

The choice to become a sponsor for The Baby Box Co. made sense to me on a couple different levels. The most immediate connection for me is that The Baby Box Co. is committed to the environment just like Greenlite is. I love that all the materials used in the production of Baby Boxes are recyclable, I love that the product isn’t discarded when the baby outgrows it and that the Baby Box is actually upcycled into a storage chest and family heirloom.  I sometimes think that there’s a stigma attached to the “green” movement, like we’re all hippies who eat kale for every meal and spring out of bed at 4am to do yoga! And it’s funny to me, because I’m not like that, and that’s not what I think sustainability should be associated with. Really, sustainability isn’t about us and I think that’s what so many people don’t really consider sufficiently. Sustainability is about the future; it’s about our kids and their kids and so on and so forth. It’s about leaving a legacy that we can be proud of and putting the needs of others ahead of our own immediate wants. So by being a sponsor of The Baby Box Co., I feel like in a small way I’m helping welcome the next generation into the world in a non-selfish, thoughtful spirit. 

Matt with his mom in Los Angeles.

Also, I wanted to sponsor The Baby Box Co. because I have a great mom and I know a lot of great moms. As an entrepreneur I have a crazy work schedule, I’d say 80 hours a week on average. You know what moms’ work schedules look like?? 

Every. Single. Hour. Of. Every. Single. Day. Of. Every. Single. Week. 

I honestly can’t even imagine it. I’ve had friends who are so exhausted taking care of their new baby that they are literally putting all of their energy into this little being who has just arrived at the total expense of their own needs. It’s both beautifully amazing and totally mind-blowing. So Greenlite Meals sponsors The Baby Box Co. because all things considered, the least I can do is make healthy, hassle-free meal delivery more affordable for new moms and their families.