Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Baby

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As Spring Break begins this month, we wanted to post a list of ten things to keep in mind when packing your carry-on for a flight with your baby. This list comes from a mom of three who has traveled solo on many flights to visit her soldier husband. A few toys are helpful, but usually end up thrown down the aisle while baby attempts to chew the in-flight vomit bag to a gooey death. Truly, comfort is what matters and keeps everyone happy during a long flight.

10. Something for baby to drink or suck (nursing, bottle, pacifier, or sippy cup) during take off and landing to alleviate pressure in the ears.
9. A backpack-style diaper bag to allow for two free hands while making your way through the airport.
8. Anti-bacterial wipes for the restroom changing tables, airplane changing tables, armrests, and tray tables. And if you're like some moms, regular baby wipes to then wipe off the anti-bacterial "ness" of those wipes.
7. An umbrella stroller if your baby is old enough to sit up in one. This will be easier for sky caps and flight attendants to fold up and store during the flight. And it never hurts to have a few friends in the sky!
6. One diaper for every 30 minutes of travel time (including wait time prior to flights and layovers). This will not only account for any blowouts, but also a possible delay.
5. Two extra outfits for baby (see #6) and one for you. No one wants to sit in a shirt covered in poop or spit up for hours at a time.
4. Gallon baggies to keep those soiled clothes sealed until you get to a washing machine.
3. If formula fed, bring an entire can of formula. As well as clean bottles, a baggie of clean nipples, and a box of liners if you use them. Remember: you can't buy water until after you go through security.
2. For babies who are old enough -- snacks! Get a few snack-sized baggies and fill them with snacks your baby likes. If each one is different, baby will feel like he or she is getting a surprise treat every time they snack. Food packets are also helpful.
1. Write this down to read on the plane: "My baby is a person, too. He or she has just as much right to be on this flight as anyone else. I will not stress if my baby cries or makes a lot of noise. We've got this."

Written by Britt York.

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