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Introducing Our Newest Partner: Bambo Nature Diapers!

Posted on April 24 2015


We here at The Baby Box Co. are thrilled to announced that we have partnered with Bambo Nature, the premium eco-friendly baby diaper that we love using on our own children. We are proud to support this company and proud to have their diapers in our Baby Boxes because -- in addition to the fact that their diapers are ultra-soft and super-absorbent -- they are truly committed to the health of our planet and our children. Here are some of the reasons we love this company so much, and we are sure that you will love them too!


(1) Bambo Nature diapers are the only diaper certified 100% free of dangerous chemicals and all known allergens, and they have been certified free of harmful chemicals for over 25 years!

- This means that no chemicals are used during raw material sourcing and production. It guarantees that they are not polluting water or air when they convert trees to wood pulp or similar activities.
- This also means that there are no chemicals on the diaper itself; which if existed, could irritate or damage a baby’s skin or potentially cause long-term allergies.
- Additionally, they have decided that they will not manufacturer the diaper with any additives. This means that they can guarantee that the product has no allergens; e.g., dyes, inks, latex, glue, odor eliminators, perfumes, essential oils, preservatives, plant extracts, lotion, moisturizer, etc.
- The risk of irritation to the skin from an external source is ZERO.
- They can certify that their product has no substances known as harmful to health or the environment, known allergens, substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic (during the production of raw material or used during the production of the finished product).
- The key word is “certified”; they do not make unsubstantiated claims like some companies; rather, their claims are backed up by external auditors, investigators, and scientists from various private and public eco-label organizations.

(2) They can guarantee that they are environmentally friendly.

- They have voluntarily elected to undergo strict, rigorous environmental inspections of the entire “Diaper Process” – which means the inspections encompass an assessment of impacts during the whole life-cycle – all the way from raw material to production, consumption and waste.
- Inspections include a review of all raw material suppliers, business partners, distributors, and subsidiaries.
- Abena, their parent company, only uses state-of-the-art renewable raw materials. The wood used for pulp is derived from sustainable forestry; where more trees are planted than felled. Tree farms are carbon sinks where the trees absorb CO2 from the air.
- No chemicals or compounds from SVHC (REACH Article 33(2)) are used –Substances of Very High Concern.
- Abena requires a reduction on energy consumption. There are criteria on factory emissions into the air, water and land.
- All waste water must be cleaned, i.e., contain less that 0.15 kg AOX/t paper. (AOX=Absorbable Organic Halogens which is a measurement used in waste water to indicate the overall level of halogens, fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine.)
- Abena has almost completely reduced all waste during manufacturing. Even powder and dust from the plant is filtered, collected and sold for further use.
- Abena’s packaging is derived from recycled plastic and can be recycled itself.
- The diapers are 95% commercially compostable.

(3) They are open and transparent.

- They publish a complete list their ingredients (in explicit detail).
- They publish a Life Cycle Assessment.
- They manufacture Bambo Nature in Denmark with machines that they own and operate (whereas other brands are made in undisclosed factories in undisclosed countries). Every aspect of Bambo Nature is controlled by them.

(4) They pursue innovation and superior technology.

- Bambo Nature is designed to prevent or significantly reduce the likelihood of rash.  
- The new Bambo Nature has been shaped to fit a baby’s body perfectly. The new shape minimizes the risk of leakage and makes the diaper more comfortable to wear, while creating a greater freedom of movement.
- Their new State of the Art Wrapped Core is a "pillow-like" core, which makes Bambo Nature soft from the inside out.

(5) They have prestigious and coveted Certifications, Eco-labels and Awards.

- Bambo Nature has earned the prestigious Nordic Swan Eco-label, which encompasses the entire life cycle of the product and which entails ongoing, comprehensive, random inspections.
- Bambo Nature holds The Forest Stewardship Council Label, which guarantees that the fluff in Bambo Nature comes from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted then felled.
- Bambo Nature holds The Dermatologically Tested Label, which is your assurance that the product and all of its raw components do not cause skin irritation or allergy.
- Bambo Nature has been approved by the Asthma & Allergy Association, which requires that a product poses the smallest possible risk of causing allergy, eczema, or skin-irritation to the user.
- Bambo Nature holds the very rare ISO 14001 Certification. This means that all of their product waste is reused. (Bambo Nature has very, very little waste – under 2%.)
- Bambo Nature is a signator of the United Nations Global Compact, a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation.
- Bambo Nature was rated the #1 Best Diaper in the U.S. by
- Bambo Nature was rated the Most Eco-Friendly Diaper at
- Bambo Nature was recently awarded the EU Flower certification, the first and only diaper to receive this award. This means their products are guaranteed eco-friendly by using sustainable resources and producing less waste in our manufacturing process.

As you can see, there are dozens of reasons for you to adore this company as much as we do! We know that our customers will love using these diapers as much as we have, and we are thrilled to be including them inside of our Baby Boxes.