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No one wants to think about serious harm coming to their child or children, and yet the unavoidable anxiety that arrives with childbirth never really leaves us as parents. It’s not possible to plan for every potential catastrophe - nor is it healthy! - but there are tangible measures we can take to help quiet the constant alarm bells going off in our mama minds.

Safe Kids Worldwide is an organization dedicated to helping parents avoid preventable  injuries in children through education, awareness, and planning. The accidents it intends to eliminate are the number one killer of children in the US and include injuries from motor vehicles, sports, drownings, falls, burns, and poisonings, among other things. Since the founding of Safe Kids Worldwide in 1988, there has been a 60% decrease in unintentional injuries in children aged 19 and younger which is, in our minds, nothing short of a miracle!

Perusal of the Safe Kids Worldwide website is eye-opening without being alarmist. Do you know the number, for example, of the National Battery Ingestion Hotline? Neither did we! Have you created and practiced a fire escape plan with your kids, and timed how quickly it can be executed? We hadn’t either, and yet 85% of all preventable fire deaths occur in the home. Have you signed up to receive notice on product recalls that might affect the items you and your kids use on a daily basis? We have now! These Safe Kids Worldwide Infographics are both informative and reassuring, as the injuries targeted by the organization are, unlike so many things in our lives, almost totally within our control in terms of prevention.


Sunday, April 26, is "Safe Kids Day." Here's how you can get involved to help support the great work done by the organization via donation and/or fundraising, and here's a listing of local events happening in communities around the country in celebration of the occasion. Knowledge in this case has the power to save lives, so we applaud the work done by this amazing organization and hope our Baby Box Co. family will join us tomorrow in amplifying their efforts! 


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