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A Letter to Our Customers: $25 OFF continues + Responses to Your Survey Feedback

Posted on May 01 2015

To our amazing customers and fans:

The Baby Box Co. is on an exciting trajectory because of your support and, because we consider you to be our most important partners, we wanted to send an open letter about our company’s inner workings. We want you all to feel included in The Baby Box Co.’s journey now and in the future. Please take a moment to read our responses to customer feedback and our fulfillment strategy (and discount code!) for May and beyond.

With great gratitude,

Jennifer & Michelle

Co-founders, The Baby Box Co.

Addressing Feedback from the March 2015 Customer Survey

Thousands of you participated in our March 2015 customer survey—THANK YOU. Your feedback is invaluable and has been taken seriously by our team. We’d like to address the most commonly voiced suggestions.

Why can't there be Baby Box pattern choices? Variety is the spice of life after all!

Q: Why don’t you offer more than one Baby Box pattern at a time? I want to have options and select the design for my Baby Box.

A: It is expensive to stock a variety of units as our company pays separately for each design printed and minimum order regulations apply with manufacturing. It helps us to keep our costs down by stocking one collection at a time and, in doing so, we are able to pass that savings along to you by offering very reasonable price points and frequent sales. Fortunately, we do have some good news on this front: in the very near future we plan to start offering pattern choices to our customers because we recently secured a third partner who is bringing additional investment and extensive business experience to the team. One of the benefits of bringing on another partner will be having access to capital beyond what we started with as self-taught, self-funded entrepreneurs. We’re actively growing The Baby Box Co. and in the near future you will have the ability to select your Baby Box pattern before checking-out.

Q: Why don’t you offer additional items as the baby grows? Your Baby Boxes and essentials are great for newborns, but what about keeping babies well cared for past that stage? I'd love to see essential kits for toddlers with diapers, wipes, teethers, food/snacks, etc…

A: Great idea! We are already testing a Baby Box model which “grows” into a safe toddler bed for implementation in some of our outreach communities and we are collaborating with early childhood development specialists to curate a Toddler Box. Because we only bring products to market with substantial research to back up their effectiveness, the product development process at The Baby Box Co. is not a quick one. However, keep your eyes peeled for a variety of new products this year at -- we’ve been working for a while to increase our brand’s offerings and are about to unleash quite a lot of new goodies!

 Keeping your little ones safe is our top priority. 

Q: Include more education on your website about safety and how Baby Boxes decrease infant mortality rates.

A: Safety is our #1 priority and we will continue to add and update safety information in cooperation with our ongoing research collaborations. Please visit and stay tuned for a digital Safety Program to be included with all outgoing Baby Boxes starting this summer.

 We love our wholesale partners! Please reach out if you are interested in starting a Baby Box program in your community.

Q: I want to buy the Baby Boxes and pads in bulk! And for an affordable price!! So I can collect donations around my town and fill a Baby Box for low-income families in my community!

A: We are going to add a wholesale ordering page to our website shortly. In the meantime, please know that we do offer wholesale pricing to charitable groups, hospitals, universities, community outreach centers, governments, and other organizations at substantial discounts. Please read about our active bulk sales department’s outreach here, find out why many institutions are switching from alternative wholesale solutions to The Baby Box Co. at and email us at,, or for a response to your specific wholesale inquiry within 24 hours.

Q: Advertise more.

A: We’d love to! Advertising is expensive and as a two year old, self-funded company, The Baby Box Co. has had to put its monetary resources to date towards product development-- safety, quality, and effective outreach have been and will continue to be our company’s top priorities. Having said that, now that the business has secured additional partnership and is growing substantially, you can expect to start seeing a lot more of our brand!

Q: Offer your Baby Boxes through Amazon prime.

A: Ok, cool. Great idea, we just signed up for an Amazon account.

Q: Offer free samples.

A: We love free stuff too and thought this was an awesome idea, so we are putting it into action. We will officially announce our new Freebie Baby Bundle program shortly!

Order Fulfillment--$25 OFF Continues Through May 15th


Our Giraffe Kisses collection is a big hit!

Because The Baby Box Co. is experiencing tremendous growth, many of our customers have experienced extended wait times for delivery of their Baby Box. If you ordered in April then your order has already been fulfilled at our warehouse and will be en route to you by the first week of May if it hasn’t already arrived.

If you order in May, please be aware that we sold out of our newest collection, Giraffe Kisses, within the first two weeks of its announcement—which is INCREDIBLE. We love that our newest release is a major hit with you all, and we are rushing additional inventory delivery for those of you who order in early May. We just wanted to announce our record sales and let you know that if you place an order between May 1st and May 15th, it will ship the week of May 18th.

We know that waiting for your Baby Box is a bummer and our company’s general policy is to ship within 72 hours of order placement: the delays we have experienced over the past month and a half are due to a business boom and we are correcting the wait time promptly by bringing on an additional partner. After May 15th all orders will be shipped promptly within 72 hours again; we are now capitalized and staffed to handle higher order volumes.

We have extended the offer for $25 off all Baby Boxes. Please use coupon code GIRAFFESMAY now through May 15th as our way of saying thank you for your continued support and patience. We are going to stuff your Baby Boxes full of freebies and pamper you with tons of Facebook giveaways in May, we promise!!