Nurse Me Tender: A Dad's Take on Breastfeeding

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My name is Santiago and I’m a 29-year-old dad.

Santiago with his son.

When my wife was pregnant, she was wary of breastfeeding. She thought it would be weird. But as she learned about how healthy her milk is for the baby, her opinion of breastfeeding shifted. My mother and sister both breastfed and provided my wife with additional encouragement and support.

As a dad, I felt removed from the breastfeeding decision and from the bonding that my wife was experiencing with our son. I fully supported her choice to breastfeed and had actually told her on many occasions that if I were able to breastfeed my child, I would. Of course, being a man, I never anticipated I’d actually have the opportunity or ability to breastfeed.

I learned about Nurse Me Tender about a month ago when my wife told me she’d been given an opportunity to review their feeding system. A wearable nipple was on its way and, since the product was created with both parents in mind, she wanted to know if I was game to actually try breastfeeding!

“There’s no shame in my game!”

My little brother thought it was funny at first when I told him about how I’d be using the Nurse Me Tender system. I mean, I guess some men wouldn't be open to using the Nurse Me Tender because they care what other people think and say. I don't. I'm trying to bond and spend time with my son in any way I can. There's no shame in my game! 

I didn't find it difficult at all to put it on; I had my son in my arms before I put the Nurse Me Tender on, so he tried to latch on immediately. It was kind of funny to watch him just playing around with it, trying to figure it out at first. I think maybe the feel of the nipple made him realize that it wasn't an actual breast. 

It admittedly felt a little awkward for me at first. But after a few minutes it gave me the chance to experience how my wife feels when she breastfeeds. And it felt cool. Really cool! Because of Nurse Me Tender I can say that I feed my son and I bond with him the same way my wife does. How many dads can say that?!

The position I liked best was the football position. My son was latching better and he wasn't playing around with the nipple as much from that angle, making it easier for me to feed him.

I would definitely recommend this product to other dads who are open to the idea. It feels amazing to look down at your baby and just admire them. You feel what the mommy feels. It’s really something special. 

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