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Flying Shark Review!

Posted on June 23 2015

At The Baby Box Co., we’re kids at heart. So tonight we decided to have a bit of fun and review a toy we’ve had our eyes on for awhile: Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark!

Truth be told, there are a couple of things that really “bite” about the Air Swimmer: cost and assembly time. In addition to the floating shark itself ($29.99) we had to buy a tank of helium ($30) and four AAA batteries ($5.75). This means that the toy actually costs around $65—so don’t let the price sneak up on you! The assembly isn’t a cake-walk either. It took Kevin and I about an hour and a half to get this fish airborne and we’re reasonably handy.

Now that I’ve addressed the fallbacks of the Air Swimmer, it’s time to turn your attention to the one HUGE positive: it’s a shark swimming through the air!


Every kid (and every adult except for maybe the one that did the assembly) will LOVE this toy. If your kids have a birthday party coming up, it's sure to be a huge hit! And if you’re worried a shark might be too scary, never fear: the company makes a Clownfish Air Swimmer as well. 

Overall, I have to say this is one of the coolest things we’ve randomly tried in a while and I’m really jazzed to bring him to The Baby Box Co. office to share with our team’s kiddies. :)