Why Are Baby Boxes Better Than Moses Baskets?

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Today on the blog, we decided to address Moses baskets. Time and again, we hear this question repeated -- how are Baby Boxes different from Moses baskets, and what makes them the better choice? To help make it easy for parents to understand, we have broken the main reasons down into this list of 6 points: 

(1) First and foremost, Moses baskets are not widely regulated. There are many brands out there that have not been safety certified by the CPSC, which is of great concern. It definitely worries us to know that there are Moses baskets out there that could be dangerous for babies.  

(2) Babies have actually suffered fractured skulls after falling from Moses baskets, which are often used to carry babies around while sleeping.

(3) In addition, the material the baskets are made of is often scratchy, which can be dangerous to an infant's soft skin or delicate eyes.

(4) In order to protect babies from the scratchiness of the basket, these baskets are often lined with bumpers, which then pose a suffocation or SIDS risk.

(5) The mattresses are often not tightly fitted, which can also pose a suffocation or SIDS risk if the baby managed to roll underneath it.

(6) And finally, Moses baskets are outgrown much earlier than Baby Boxes (at 4 months as opposed to 7-8 months).

 So as you can see, there are MANY reasons to choose Baby Boxes over Moses baskets! We hope this post clears up any confusion you may have had on the subject. 

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