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Exercise Tips for Expecting Moms

Posted on July 15 2015

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My pregnancy and birth of my daughter uncovered a whole new adventure in my quest to maintain an active lifestyle. In the past, my pre/postnatal expertise was used to help others, while pregnant I had to practice what I preach and my motivation was fueled by the little heartbeat inside my growing belly. Good health and weight was no longer about esthetics, it was necessary for the health of me and my little pea. Expecting moms can live a healthy, active lifestyle but as I learned, modifications are a must. I love helping moms and moms-to-be get, stay fit and love their after baby bodies. I hope I can help you in your motherhood journey.

Below are some exercise guidelines to help you stay safe while working out with a bump-

Exercise Tips for Expecting Moms

The list below is a combination of my recommendations to my expecting clients and recommended Do’s and Don’ts from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Please Remember: every woman AND pregnancy is different. Make sure you get a green light from your doctor before beginning any nutrition or fitness program.

  • The Do’s
  1. Remain active while pregnant. Start slow with professional guidance if you are new to working out. Physical activities have many benefits for the mom and baby. 3 safe activities that you can safely try are swimming, walking, yoga or modified resistance training.
  2. Carry food and snacks to replenish your energy and blood sugar. Fruits, nuts, healthy nutrition bars, food/snack pouches (yes, those pouches that you see kiddos sucking on are packed with nutrients), coconut water or ready to drink shakes are quick, light weight and portable.
  3. Stay hydrated. Carry your water and drink it throughout your workout. I know that the thought of running to the restroom multiple times is not pleasant but making sure you’re properly hydrated is very important.
  4. Dress and prepare appropriately to prevent overheating or feeling too cold. Extreme temperatures are not good for you or baby, especially overheating. You are more likely to experience extreme heat if you are engaged in physical activities so make sure you are in a well ventilated and tempered environment, and dress appropriately for the activity and environment.
  5. Strive for 150 minutes of exercise a week. This could be broken down into 15-30 minutes sessions. If this seems like an exhausting amount, please remember that any exercise is better than no exercise.
  6. Keep it moderate. The rule is that you should be able to talk while exercising. If you are out of breath when you try to talk, take a short break.
  7. Work with a fitness expert, nutritionist or health professional that is pre/post natal or related field certified. A poorly trained person can cause you injury or mislead you.
  • The Don’ts
  1. Be too hard on yourself. Your body is doing A LOT to create a life. You might experience extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and discomfort on activities that that came easy for you in the past. It’s ok to give yourself permission to take it easy. Take more rests, go slower, reduce your intensity, cut down your workout time and frequency. Proper rest is part of your baby making duties so try to get plenty of rest.
  2. Ignore your body’s signs. When there is a baby on board, try to pay more attention to signs of discomfort. Some people can push through discomfort or pain but this is the time to listen to your body. If something does not feel right, it’s ok to stop. Alert your trainer or your doctor.
  3. Put your adventurous side on overdrive. This might not be the time to take on a new activity or adventure. If you are, make sure it is safe for expecting mothers and you are not putting yourself or baby in harm’s way.
  4. Take on grand changes. Finding out they are pregnant can cause some women to take drastic measures. Some stop working out all together while others are so eager to better their health that they over do it. Every woman is different, check with you doctor first on what you can and can’t do.
  5. Take on risky activities. Limit or avoid risks. It’s important to choose activities that are not associated with increased trauma or risk such as contact sports, rollerblading, horseback riding, mud runs, etc…   These are not safe at this time.
  6. Work out on a slippery, unstable and unsafe area. Stability and balance will become more challenging as pregnancy progresses. Be sure you are careful and avoid becoming unbalanced, injured or falling. Many exercises have modified versions that will provide a safer variation for an expecting mother.

Congratulations and good luck on your journey. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.


By: Linda Okwor

Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles South Bay

Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

Pre/Post Natal Certified

Whether you are planning to start a new regimen or continue the exercise plan you are on, speak with your doctor first. There are some pregnancy conditions and risks that outweigh the benefits of exercise so make sure you are in the clear before moving forward!


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About Linda Okwor

Owner of Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles South Bay, Author, Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Fitness & Nutrition, Corporate Wellness

Linda is the owner and instructor at Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles South Bay. A friend recommended Baby Boot Camp when Linda was looking for a fitness program to join with her baby daughter. She immediately fell in love with the program. Within 2 weeks, she was in the process of starting her own classes.

She is a nationally certified fitness & nutrition specialist, life coach and author with over 15 years of experience. She has helped many people achieve success, and live a healthy, balanced and lean lifestyle. She has a BS from the University of MN, an MBA, was a successful athlete, pro cheerleader and international fitness competitor.

Linda has been featured in Oxygen magazine, ESPN, ABC 7 and The Doctors.

Certifications include WITS, ISSA, Precision Nutrition, Equinox Fitness Institute, Les Mills, Pre/Post Natal Fitness & Nutrition, and more.

Linda lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.

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