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When is a box not a box?!

Posted on July 23 2015

When is a box not a box?  When it is in the hands of child!  Then it becomes a train, a racetrack, a sled, a car, a hideout, a dollhouse and anything else they can imagine.

One question we get asked a lot at The Baby Box Co. is “what happens to the Baby Box when my child outgrows it as a sleep space around 8 months of age?” Well, many parents decide to use the Baby Box as a keepsake chest, but in the hands of your young child the possibilities are truly endless! Here are 10 ideas for using your Baby Box in play.

  1. Put a steering wheel (paper plate) inside and it becomes a car.
  2. Push them about in it, it becomes a sled. (CLICK HERE TO SEE!)
  3. Cut a hole in the side to make a beanbag toss.
  4. Turn it into a doll house or doll bed.
  5. Tea time!

6. Make an art gallery. Attach your kids’ artwork to the Baby Box and change up the exhibit once a month.

7. Create a shape sorter toy for your tots using smaller boxes inside as blocks.

8. Make a puppet theater.

9. Attach a sail (swaddle blanket) and it becomes a pirate ship.

10. Make a robot.

What are your family's ideas for your Baby Box? Comment, like or share this post in the next 48 hours to enter a giveaway for The New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book award recipient “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis!