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Supporting San Francisco's Homeless Prenatal Program

Posted on September 09 2015

At The Baby Box Co, we are optimally positioned to collaborate with non-profits aimed at reducing infant mortality, improving maternal health, and helping new moms and dads from all walks of life prepare for parenthood. Recently, our team sent Baby Boxes to the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco. Please take a moment to view this brief video overview of their incredible community work and then read on to see how the Baby Boxes have been used for the MINT Program in San Francisco!

Dear Baby Box Co,

Here are some photos of the babes in the Baby Boxes! 

 So absolutely adorable. We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful Baby Boxes. 

Here's a note from Talita, our Wellness center coordinator and educator, which explains the program these babies and their mom's are a part of in San Francisco.

MINT, Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together, is a program for pregnant people incarcerated in the federal criminal justice system making a transition from pregnancy to motherhood.  The intent is to promote maternal bonding and parenting skills in a “home like environment”.  Pregnant incarcerated persons are transferred from their place of incarceration (across the United States) in the last trimester of pregnancy. One MINT Program is located in San Francisco.

The incarcerated person may stay at this alternate facility for a period of time, usually three months, up to twelve months with their infant before returning to their previous place of incarceration, released to a halfway house, or sent home depending on their sentence.

I am so thankful that we have an opportunity at HPP to serve the mom's. Pregnant prisoners have health-care needs that are minimally met by prison systems. Many of these mothers have high-risk pregnancies due to the economic and social problems that led them to be incarcerated: poverty, lack of education, inadequate health care, and abuse.  Our "MINT moms" have New Beginnings case managers, attend prenatal classes and participate in other alternative health services that the HPP Wellness Center offers, such as yoga and massage.  In addition, our Knowing Your Baby group is a wonderful way for building strong social and emotional ties.

Warm thanks,