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Keep Your Baby Safe!

Posted on August 31 2015

B a b y   S a f e t y   M o n t h 

Every September the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) sponsors Baby Safety Month. As a JPMA member and committed child safety advocacy group, The Baby Box Co. is committed to sharing the vital information compiled by the JPMA with as many parents as possible. 

Raising a child takes care and knowledge to ensure that the first few years are healthy and happy. It is important to know how to properly use any juvenile product, new or used, including cautiously following product instructions and using keenly attuned instincts and common sense when caring for baby at all times. We encourage you to read the Baby Safety Zone website for insight on ensuring the safest environment for your child! 




T h e   T o p   1 0 

Knowledge is the most powerful tool a parent can have, so please take a moment to review this list of the top 10 hidden hazards in the home.

  1. Magnets. Small magnets can be easily swallowed by children and, once inside the body, they attract to each other, causing significant internal damage. Keep magnets high enough on your refrigerator that they are out of reach and, if your child does swallow magnets, seek professional medical attention immediately.
  2. Recalled Products. The best way to ensure your products are safe is to fill out your product registration card and check for recalls at
  3. Loose Change. Change can easily wind up on tables or in couch cushions, where curious children may ingest them. A great way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to assign a jar for loose change and keepit out of your child’s reach.
  4. Tipovers. Tipovers are a leading cause of injury to children. The best way to avoid them is to make sure all furniture and televisions are secured to the wall.
  5. Pot handle sticking out from stove. When cooking, turn pot handles inward so that little ones are unable to reach out and grab them. In addition, if holding a child while cooking, remember to keep hot handles out of the child’s reach.
  6. Loose rugs or carpets. Area rugs or carpets that are not secured to the floor are tripping hazards for little ones who may already be unstable on their feet. Make sure that all corners are taped down and bumps are smoothed out to minimize risk.
  7. Liquid laundry packets. It is estimated that thousands of children have been exposed to and injured by liquid laundry packets. Easily mistaken by children as candy, these pods pose a risk to the eyes and, if ingested, to their lives.
  8. Hot Mugs. A relaxing cup of coffee or tea can quickly turn into an emergency if hot mugs are left unattended or are placed near the edge of tables where little hands can grab them. Beware of tablecloths that can be pulled down with hot items on top as well.
  9. Cords. Cords can pose strangulation hazards to children, whether they are connected to blinds, home gym equipment or baby monitors. Keepcords tied up and out of reach of children.
  10.  Button Batteries. Button batteries are flat, round batteries that resemble coins or buttons. They are found in common household items such as flashlights and remotes. Similar to coins and magnets, they pose a serious risk if ingested.


L e a r n   M o r e

For more great information on keeping your baby safe, here are some of our favorite resources:

Safe Kids Worldwide
The Consumer Product Safety Commission
The Center for Disease Control
Web MD
Keeping Babies Safe 
The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (for sleep safety, specifically)


D a i l y    G i v e a w a y    

Be sure to follow the JPMA’s Baby Safety Zone on Facebook to enter their FREE PRIZE A DAY GIVEAWAY in honor of Baby Safety Month. They're giving away everything from diaper bags to strollers to bottles, so you won't want to miss out!