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Exciting New Offerings At The Baby Box Co!

Posted on September 15 2015

A s k   A n d   Y o u   S h a l l   R e c e i v e

Those of you who participated in our customer survey a few months ago will be glad to know that we heeded your #1 request and have delivered: you can now select your Baby Box pattern! Currently, the pattern options are Mama Bears and Classy Owls.

Mama Bears

Classy Owls

Every family has a unique style, and we’re excited to be able to provide you with the opportunity to choose your preferred Baby Box design. As always, we love to hear your feedback, so please email us at if there are any other patterns you'd like to see return, or if you have ideas for new patterns! 

I n t r o d u c i n g   O u r   N e w    C l o t h i n g   L i n e

We are so excited to announce that thanks to YOU, our fabulous customers, we are realizing yet another one of our dreams: we have just launched a line of baby clothing for ages 0-6 months!
We are starting small (literally – you should see how tiny these newborn socks are!), but we are excited to watch our clothing line grow. We have just introduced the following, too-adorable-to-handle items:

designer onesies 2-pk
newborn socks
newborn mittens
classic white cap 

This week only (through midnight PST on Saturday 9/19/15), enter promo code CUTECLOTHES for 15% off any of the aforementioned items. We know you will adore these charming, stylish pieces just as much as we do! 

W e   L o v e   O u r   C u s t o m e r s
We really love our customers. From our direct consumers to our wholesale clients, you all bring smiles to our faces on a daily basis. Sometimes we receive letters that are so special, we simply have to share. Such is the case with this testimonial submitted by mama Jennifer.
“I received a Baby Box in Dec. 2014. My twin daughters Abigail and Olivia were born in March 2015, and the Baby Box has been a tremendous help! We used it within an hour of coming home from the hospital, and several times daily for many months.

For the first few months, we used the Baby Box to allow the babies to rest or nap during the day, or to take along with us when we were out and about at relatives' homes. At night, the girls spent a few hours in the Baby Box in the family room with my husband watching over them so I could get a few hours of uninterrupted rest and sleep.

When the girls were little, they shared the Baby Box (with supervision). Now that they are bigger, I use the Baby Box at times when I need to separate the girls (such as when one is sleeping and the other is fussing), or still to bring along as a portable, safe sleep space.

I also love the goodies that came inside the Baby Box. Being a first-time mom, the amount of baby-products available are overwhelming, so it was nice to have a sampling of useful products to test what worked for us. The contents are some of my favorite, go-to baby products! The burp cloths are fantastic, and with the amount of spit-up we deal with, I use them daily! I had seen muslin swaddle blankets in the store, but did not know how fantastic they are until using the ones that came in the Baby Box. I consider them a must-have for all parents! Abby and Olivia are now teething and the wooden teething rings are their favorite teething toy.
I can honestly say the Baby Box made the first few months, and our transition to parenthood, much easier! I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with the Baby Box!

I have attached some pictures of the girls enjoying their Baby Box! The first is when they are about 7 weeks old. (Abby in striped onesie/blue pants, Olivia in the blue onesie/patterned pants). The individual pictures were recently taken (Abby in blue flowered sleeper, Olivia in pink patterned sleeper).
Thank you!”
If you have a special Baby Box story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! Please email stories and pictures to or tag your Baby Box posts on social media with #mybabybox to receive a free swaddle blanket. 

B a b y  B o x  B e a c h  D a y 

It doesn't get any cuter than this little bathing beauty hitting the beach with her Baby Box!

M o m ' s   C o r n e r 

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