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Brand-New Design + Valentine's Photo Contest!

Posted on February 05 2016

N e w   P a t t e r n :   F a n t a s t i c   F o x e s 

It's official -- we have sold out of Mama Bears! But don't fret, because our beloved Classy Owls pattern is still in stock, and we have just released a brand-new pattern: Fantastic Foxes!


To celebrate this adorable new collection, we’re offering a weekend flash sale — 20% off all Baby Boxes on our website starting now through this Sunday, February 7th, at midnight PST. Simply enter promo code FOXYMAMA at checkout to redeem this limited-time discount.

L i t t l e   L o v e   O f   M y   L i f e   C o n t e s t
In honor of Valentine's Day, we have brought our "Little Love of My Life Contest" back! To enter, all you have to do is send us a picture of your baby that is so sweet it makes your heart feel like it's going to burst (you know the one!) for us to share on social media, and tell us one of the things you love most about your little one. 

One of our adorable entries from last year

Contest ends at midnight PST on February 28th, 2016, when one winner will be randomly selected to receive a FREE Classic Box! Please email all entries to We can't wait to see the cute photos come rolling in! Thanks for sharing :) 

C o m e   P i n   W i t h   U s

Are you as addicted to pinning as we are? We just got into Pinterest, and we can't wait to start pinning with all our favorite mamas. Follow us on Pinterest for all sorts of cuteness, DIY, fashion, recipes, green living, and more!  

B a b y   B o x e s   M a k i n g   H e a d l i n e s

We've started the New Year off with a bang -- our programs have been all over the news! We are so proud of everything that our hardworking partners have accomplished and the huge impact that they are having on their communities. 


Here is a sampling of the highlights:


M o m ' s   C o r n e r

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