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Sending Love to Moms Worldwide - Order Early, Save Big

Posted on September 19 2013

Sharing an exclusive European tradition with moms everywhere.



Big savings for small sweeties.

The Baby Box Co. starts shipping the week of October 14th and we’re so excited to share our product line with new parents far and wide that we’ve launched a fantastic pre-sale deal on our Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection! Order early and save big. Use coupon code presalesavings at checkout any time between September 19, 2013–October 6, 2013 to receive $15.00 off your order plus a FREE bonus mystery gift with your purchase!



Every act of commerce can be an act of love.

Helping new parents worldwide provide quality care for their infants regardless of socioeconomic status is at the heart of The Baby Box Co.’s mission.  That’s why we are so proud to announce our partnership with Children International, whereby a portion of each sale at The Baby Box Co. goes directly towards this charity’s tremendous healthcare initiatives for young children living in poverty.

Also stay tuned for our official launch of the “Box a Week” program next month, which will enable us to collaborate with social workers on the ground in poverty stricken communities both here in the United States and abroad in countries like Haiti and Uganda to provide needy new parents with safe sleep boxes and quality care products for their infants. 



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