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Mom Spotlight: Mira Clary

Posted on October 21 2013

In today's blog post, we've decided to spotlight one of our all-time favorite moms… Mira Clary, the lovely mother of co-founder Jennifer Clary! Mira has kindly agreed to answer some questions for us about her new mom must-haves, her favorite things about being a mom, and the resources she turned to for parenting advice.

BBC: How do you feel having a baby today is different from when you had your children?
MC: There are, of course, changes with respect to best practices in maximizing infant safety.  For example, thirty years ago new parents were told that babies should never be put to sleep on their backs since this position was more likely to result in sudden infant death syndrome.  At the present time, experts are advising that the best sleep position for babies is on their backs, rather than their stomachs or sides!

BBC: What were your new mom must-haves?
MC: My new mom must-haves included lots of books on raising children, a crib, bassinet, car seat, stroller, toys, baby clothes and toiletries.  I also began reading to my daughter almost immediately after she was born so my personal must-haves included lots of baby appropriate books.  As a classical music aficionada, I also tried to inculcate a love of music in my newborn child by playing numerous classical tapes even during gestation!

BBC: What was the best part about being a new mom, for you?
MC: Without a doubt the best part about being a new mom for me was the feeling of unconditional and all-encompassing love that I had for my daughter.  She instantly became the most important part of my life!

BBC: What was the hardest part about being a new mom?
MC: In all honesty, motherhood had never been high-up on my list of important goals.  I was on a professional career track as a practicing attorney and always envisioned my life’s trajectory as advancing in that role.  After the birth of my daughter, my priorities changed.  It was difficult for me to reconcile my previous goals which accentuated personal advancement with my new goals that focused on giving my daughter the best life possible.

BBC: What was your most trusted resource?
MC: I drew upon many resources at this time in my life including the wisdom of my mother and the advice of my female friends who also had young children.

BBC: Were there any books in particular that you relied on?
MC: I read books by many so-called baby experts but by far my favorite were the books on child care by Dr. Benjamin Spock.

BBC: Did your parents or grandparents pass on any advice that you found invaluable?
MC: It was not so much verbal advice that I found invaluable but rather lessons learned from memories of my own childhood.