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Been There, Done That? How Second Pregnancies May Differ From Firsts

Posted on September 04 2016

Been There, Done That? How Second Pregnancies May Differ From Firsts

As a second-time mom, you may feel there's nothing new to learn about pregnancy. However, many moms find that some things may be different the second time around.

  • Many women report being more tired during their second pregnancy. This is likely due to already having kids in the home, which may limit the time you take to rest, as you may have done during your first pregnancy.  Sometimes partners can be a little less doting during the second pregnancy, as the family is busy with the first child and the surprise has worn off a little.
  • You may have more aches and pains the second time around.  Back pain tends to be worse after the first pregnancy.  This may be due in part to all the lifting and bending you are doing with a small child in the home already.  Be sure to do exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles which will lessen your lower back pain as your pregnancy progresses.
  • You’ll probably notice your baby’s kicks and your Braxton Hicks contractions earlier than you did during your first pregnancy.
  • Varicose veins tend to be worse with each pregnancy. Try to elevate your feet and legs as frequently as possible and consider wearing support hose early in your pregnancy to help minimize the risk of varicose veins.
  • Your labor will likely be shorter this time. You’ll also likely spend less time pushing.  First-time moms tend to push for around an hour, while veteran moms usually push closer to 20 minutes.  
  • You aren’t at a higher risk of complications, but it is important to share your full medical and obstetrical history with your medical practitioner. Be sure to divulge any pregnancy or postpartum complications you may have had the first time around as well as any medical problems you or your first-born may have developed.

For more information about second pregnancies, head over to, the free online community created by medical professionals for parents everywhere.