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How to Keep Your Baby Safe & Comfortable

Posted on September 18 2017

How to Keep Your Baby Safe & Comfortable

B a b y   S a f e t y   M o n t h 

Though baby safety is our chief concern every month of the year, it just so happens that September is Baby Safety Month. This month-long event serves to educate parents on baby safety issues and the safe selection and use of baby products. In support of this awareness campaign, we are sharing a list of top 10 safe sleep tips* for babies to help reduce the risk of sleep-related deaths such as SIDS.

1. Always place your baby to sleep alone in a safe sleeping space designed specifically for infants (such as a crib, Baby Box, or bassinet).

2. Put your baby to sleep on his back, never on his side or stomach.

3. Your baby should always sleep on a firm mattress with fitted sheets.  

4. Do not put any items such as toys, stuffed animals, or loose blankets in the baby's sleeping space.

5. Never use crib bumpers, as these can pose a hazard.

6. Do not use a car seat, stroller, swing, infant carrier, infant sling or similar products as your baby's regular sleep area.

7. Make sure your child does not get too hot while sleeping. Dress her in sleep clothing, such as a wearable blanket, without overdressing her.  

8. Share a room (but not a bed) with your baby. Keep him in your room but in his own separate sleeping space for the first 6-12 months of life.

9. Breastfeeding your child further helps to reduce the risk of SIDS.

10. Do not smoke during pregnancy, and do not smoke or allow smoking around your baby or in the area where she sleeps.

*Source: Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development 


L a n s i n o h   H e l p l i n e   f o r   N u r s i n g   M o m s



Our partner Lansinoh has added a new feature to their Lansinoh Baby app called the Lansinoh Helpline. By subscribing to the Lansinoh Helpline, you have access to a live chat feature that connects you with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants within minutes. Just open the free-to-download app and choose one of the paid subscriptions for 24/7 breastfeeding support.

Watch this short video for more details!

P r e v e n t i n g   D i a p e r   R a s h 



It's hard to see your baby experiencing discomfort, but it happens to almost every child at some point: diaper rash! Defined as an inflammation of the baby's skin which is brought on by contact with wet or dirty diapers, diaper rash is most easily identified by red, raw-looking skin around the butt, genitals, and upper leg area.

Diaper rash experts John Sherwood and Rocky Levell were so appalled by this common skin ailment that they developed the ultimate solution for diaper rash: Super Duper Diaper Doo, an all-natural ointment that helps cure and protect sensitive skin. Below, John and  Rocky share their top 6 tips to prevent and heal diaper rash:

1. Exposure to pee and poop is the main cause of diaper rash, so keep your baby's bottom clean and dry. Make sure to change your baby's diaper frequently, and wash your baby's bottom with plain, warm water. Let the area air dry completely before diapering. If you use a towel, gently pat the area -- do not rub it, or you could break or irritate your baby's delicate skin.

2. Make sure your baby is wearing the proper diaper size. The diaper should fit snugly but not too tightly, or it could rub against sensitive skin.

3. Give your baby a break from diapers to air out his or her skin. If you can lay your baby on a towel or waterproof pad for a couple hours a day, your baby's skin will have the chance to heal on its own.

4. Try switching the brand of diapers, wipes or other products that you use. Sometimes babies are sensitive to certain materials or fragrances.  

5. Apply a diaper ointment or cream, such as Super Duper Diaper Doo, before diapering your baby in order to protect the skin. This helps to create a barrier in between baby's skin and the moist or dirty diaper.

6. If your baby's diaper rash doesn't get better after four to seven days or looks especially severe, consult your doctor. Sometimes more serious conditions such as thrush or impetigo can be mistaken for diaper rash, so it always helps to have your doctor take a look.

B a b y   B o x e s   i n   t h e   N e w s


Please see below to learn more about our current Baby Box programs and the ways in which we are educating families and keeping babies safe! 







A n n o u n c i n g   O u r   N e w   P r o g r a m   i n   V i r g i n i a

We are very excited to announce the recent launch of our free, statewide Baby Box program in the state of Virginia! Not only does this program provide parents with a safe place for their infants to sleep, but parents also learn about critical topics including safe sleep, breastfeeding, and more. All new or expecting parents who reside in Virginia are eligible to participate. 

Taking advantage of this free program requires just three simple steps:

1. Register for free online at as a Virginia resident. Be sure to include your correct contact information, including mailing address.

2. Watch the 20-minute Virginia course at After taking a short quiz, you will receive a certificate of completion and then select local pickup or shipping direct delivery of your Baby Box. Please note that local pickup at the closest distributor location is free. 

3. If you select direct delivery, your Baby Box will ship to the address you provided when you registered on Baby Box University. Based on your proximity to the closest pickup site, there may be a fee accompanied with shipping. If you select local pickup for more immediate receipt, bring your Baby Box University certificate to the closest participating distribution site to collect your Baby Box.

Each Virginia Baby Box includes newborn essentials such as diapers, baby wipes, Vroom activity cards from the Bezos Family Foundation, Lansinoh nursing pads and nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers, a onesie, a waterproof tote bag and more.
We’re so proud to be offering this Universal Baby Box University program to families in Virginia. Thank you for your support!


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