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How to Talk to Your Pregnant Friends When You Are Struggling with Fertility

Posted on January 07 2017

How to Talk to Your Pregnant Friends When You Are Struggling with Fertility

Babies, babies, and more babies can seem to be everywhere when you are struggling through your own fertility issues. It can be especially hard to face when you are watching those baby-filled futures unfold for your closest friends.

Keep your physical and emotional needs addressed and don’t hesitate to say no to an event or activity when you are feeling extra sensitive. Your friends will understand and you will be able to separate yourself from those difficult scenarios and avoid putting yourself under additional stress.

Know that your friends care deeply for you and want to be there for you when you are feeling low. Open up and let them in. Give them the head’s up on important appointments or bad days. Let them embrace you when you are feeling lost. You are not alone in this struggle and making efforts to express your needs will only validate that.

Avoid comparing their situation to yours. It's hard not to want to compare two pregnancies or two fertility situations. Is your friend younger? Did she eat differently, see a different doctor, or take different fertility medications? It's tempting to analyze pregnancies around you to find out the secret of their "success,"  but remember that every woman, couple, and cycle is different, and you can't expect to know whether what worked for them would work for you.

Own and rock your excitement for their pregnancy. Chances are they are sensitive to your struggles and they may have intentionally toned down their own excitement around you to avoid hurting your feelings. Positivity can only bring brightness, so soak up all that bright, bright hopefulness and show them how proud you are to walk beside them through their new journey.

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