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Northern Lights Aid Brings Support to Refugees

Posted on October 20 2017

Northern Lights Aid Brings Support to Refugees

Today, we take a moment to spotlight a group that we feel passionate about, Northern Lights Aid, and the vital work they are doing to improve the lives of refugees in Greece.  

Northern Lights Aid was established under the mission of providing support to displaced people seeking safety in Greece, having fled their countries because of war, conflict or persecution. NLA has consistently relocated its activities to areas of most need around Greece. Originally on the island of Lesbos, later in the unofficial camp of Idomeni at the closed border with Macedonia and currently in the military camp of Kavala.

There, a population of 400 refugees is stranded with a lack of legal opportunities, no prospect of further travel and no possibility of establishing normal conditions through employment or attendance to schools. NLA aims to provide this population with compassionate and human solutions to ease their daily life. 

To reach this goal, NLA is currently working on two main projects. Every day, volunteers conduct English lessons to three very motivated groups of students, children, women and men. This regular, educational activity creates an enriching routine to the students, something especially important for children, who have been out of school for a long time. It is extremely rewarding to see the progress and enthusiasm of everyone attending.

Also, Northern Lights Aid recently opened a free clothing store. The space is organized as a traditional shop, but only contains clothes kindly donated by our supporters and the local community.  There, refugee families can chose and try on the clothing items that they need, which is of particular importance as winter approaches. The store is a dignified alternative to mass distribution and creates a social space giving a feeling of a normal, daily life.  Following NLA’s value to serve those in need and without discrimination, the store also welcomes local community members in need of clothing support.

Conducting its missions, NLA fully depends of the hard work of volunteers, the amazing support of the local community and its international partners, providing financial and material help. As long as it is needed, NLA will continue to fight for those who are forced to flee their home countries and have lost so much on the way.

If you are interested in helping NLA pursue their mission by volunteering or donating, please visit their website for more information.