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It is no secret that safe sleep awareness is a huge part of our mission to support and educate families, so we are naturally huge supporters of Safe Sleep and SIDS Awareness Month, which happens every October. SIDS continues to be the leading cause of death among babies between 1 month and 1 year of age, though thousands of infant lives have been saved since the Safe to Sleep campaign was launched in 1994.


The Safe to Sleep campaign is an initiative backed by the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to encourage parents to have their infants sleep on their backs. Since "Safe to Sleep" was launched in 1994, the incidence of SIDS and SUIDS has dropped dramatically, declining by more than 50%.


We still have a long way to go. 4,000 infants die during sleep time each year in the United States, which has a higher infant mortality rate than any other of the 27 wealthiest countries. Clearly, more needs to be done to educate parents on safe sleep methods and provide them with the resources needed to implement them.

This is why we created Baby Box University -- so that we could work with local experts in each community to bridge the information gap and ensure that more parents have equitable access to safe sleep and other childcare information. Safe sleep is a multifactorial issue, one that Baby Box University addresses in a 21st century fashion. This innovative online tool provides easy-to-watch, digestible videos created by community experts, and these videos can be accessed online at any time and watched at one's leisure. We encourage all parents to frequently visit Baby Box University to stay informed on ways to keep their children healthy and safe.


In honor of this important month and our mission to reduce infant mortality rates, we wanted to remind everyone of the Safe to Sleep campaign's recommendations which help reduce the risk of SIDS:

  •  Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, for naps and at night.
  • Use a firm and flat sleep surface, such as a mattress in a safety-approved crib, covered by a fitted sheet with no other bedding or soft items in the sleep area.
  • Breastfeed your baby if you can.
  • Keep your baby in your room close to your bed (but on a separate surface designed for infants, not in your bed).
  • Do not put soft objects, toys, crib bumpers, or loose bedding under your baby, over your baby, or anywhere in the sleeping area.
  • Do not smoke while pregnant, and do not smoke or allow smoking around your baby.



We are excited to announce The Baby Box Co's 4th Annual Halloween Costume Sweepstakes! To enter, simply email a photo of your little one (0-6 years of age) in costume to before November 2nd at midnight PST. All entries will be shared to The Baby Box Co. Facebook page, and 3 randomly selected winners will be announced on November 3rd on Facebook and Twitter.

The first winner who is chosen will receive an Everything But the Stork Box.

The second winner will receive a Bed Box.

The third winner will receive a two-pack of onesies

By entering, you are agreeing to the Baby Box Co.'s Halloween Costume Sweepstakes Rules. Good luck!



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