Stay in a Hotel - and Stay Sane! - With Your Baby

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From housekeeping to room service, hotels are supposed to be less stressful than staying at home - that is, until you're running around trying to keep your baby safe in a non-baby-proofed room while also not allowing them to trash the place like a rock star on tour. A few simple tricks can make staying with baby in a hotel a breeze.  

1. Pack a travel baby-proofing kit in your Baby Box, including outlet covers, table corner covers, and zip ties. Take a minute to set out everything you'll need during your stay, including diapers and toys. Use your Baby Box as your childcare product trunk, and when you unload it at the hotel you will have your portable safe sleep space ready to go! 


Little one sleeping safely in a Daytona hotel on a family road trip!

 2. Give the room a good once-over before you settle in. You want to be sure that no small objects were left behind by the previous occupants or forgotten by housekeeping. 

2. It's a good idea to pack a reading light so you can entertain yourself in the evenings without waking up your little one. Don't forget sleep aids for baby – hotel rooms are unfamiliar and can be noisy, so be sure to pack your white noise machine or nightlight. You can also download a white noise app for your phone.

3. If possible, request a room away from the stairs, the pool, or any community gathering area to cut down on noise and foot traffic passing by. You might also want to request a room with a mini-fridge to keep milk or snacks cool.

4. A small, inflatable baby bathtub can make bath time safer and more hygenic, and it's easy to pack down small enough to include in your luggage.

5. If at all possible, book a suite or two rooms with an adjoining door. You can opt for a more economical hotel with adjoining rooms for the same price as a single room at a higher-end hotel. This way you can find a quiet corner for baby to sleep and you can move about the room without worrying about waking them up.

6. Don't forget to bring a few touches from home, like a favorite blanket or stuffed toy, to make your child feel at home in the hotel.  


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