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Summer Baby Bucket List

Posted on August 16 2016

Summer Baby Bucket List

We're now nearing the end of summer, so it's time to start checking items off your summer bucket list. This list is perfect for toddlers and young children - even infants! And of course, a few of these ideas can be repurposed into romantic date nights for adults, too - grown-up water balloon fights, anyone?

Before you bid farewell to summer, make sure you:

1. Play outside at night with glow sticks

2. Have a water balloon fight

3. Organize a nature scavenger hunt

4. Set up a toy car wash

5. Build a living room fort

6. Go camping - and yes, backyard camping counts

7. Try some bubble painting

8. Play a round of flashlight tag

9. (For older kids) Make a pen pal

10. Cool off with a game of sponge tag

11. Host a stuffed animal picnic

12. Engineer an outdoor race track for toy cars

13. Watch an outdoor movie

14. Make S'mores

15. Dig up a little ice excavation

16. Sail a homemade sailboat

17. Gather and press flowers

18. (For older kids) Make friendship bracelets

19. Spend a day at the beach

20. Make your own popsicles

21. Catch some fireworks 

22. Put on a shadow puppet show

23. Fly a kite