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6 Sweet Tooth Fairy Traditions

Posted on December 08 2016

6 Sweet Tooth Fairy Traditions

That new gap toothy grin is so adorable! And your little one's eagerness to set her tooth under the pillow is adorable, too. Why not celebrate this exciting milestone with something a little different?

-Santa gets cookies and milk, why not a special treat for the tooth fairy, too? Bonus points if it’s tooth-related and a little sparkly.

-Have your child make a doorway for the tooth fairy to enter that night. Tape the drawing or sculpture to the wall near their bed and wait for their imagination magic to happen.

-Make sure your child has a special pouch for the tooth (and potential treat to replace the tooth). This helps with any late in-the-dark scrambles for lost teeth within your child’s sheets.

-Make sure you have a special pouch or box to house all those teeth collected - and be sure you have a separate one for each child. Remember that there are potential medical benefits to holding on to those lost teeth!

Brush some glitter glue or glittery nail polish across any dollar bills the tooth fairy leaves, giving that exchange a bit more flair.

Why not teach your little one the joy of gratitude by having them write a thank you note back to the tooth fairy? They can leave it tucked under their pillow - who knows, the two might even strike up a correspondence!