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The Best Symptoms of Pregnancy

Posted on September 07 2016

The Best Symptoms of Pregnancy

We all know about morning sickness, swollen ankles, and back pain - but pregnancy isn't all bad. Enjoy some of the more pleasant symptoms of pregnancy - it will make all that morning sickness seem a bit more bearable. 

1. Glowing skin. That pregnancy glow is real.  An increase in your blood volume will leave your skin glowing with a natural blush.  And while some moms-to-be do have pregnancy acne, many find their skin actually clears up.

2. Thick, shiny hair.   Many women report that pregnancy makes their hair thicker, stronger, shinier, and it may even grow faster.  Naturally-occurring hormones plus the biotin (Vitamin H) found in prenatal vitamins are to thank for your luscious mane.

3. Thicker nails.  Hormone levels and increased blood pressure, along with prenatal vitamins, may encourage faster and stronger fingernail growth.  No more breaking your nails!

4. Loving your body. You may look and feel a little bloated at first, but between 12 and 20 weeks your belly will really pop, which makes many women feel a new rush of body appreciation.  And with all the focus on your belly, you might feel a little less self-conscious about all the other things that used to bug you.

5. Better sex.  Many women report more sensitivity and better orgasms while pregnant. The “honeymoon period” of the second trimester is when your libido can kick into overdrive.

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