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Wonderful Baby Toys You Can Make at Home

Posted on August 21 2016

Wonderful Baby Toys You Can Make at Home

You don't need to buy a ton of expensive toys to keep your baby happy at home! Reduce clutter in your home by repurposing a few household items into fun baby toys.

1. Brightly colored cups are versatile, safe and endless fun. Great for filling with water or sand, stacking and sorting, you can keep some plastic cups with you in your car or stroller so they're close at hand wherever you go.  Just like cups, colorful measuring spoons can be stacked and sorted by size, as well as shaken like a noisemaker.   

2. Make a simple shaker by filling a plastic water bottle with dry beans. You can move it from side to side to engage baby and encourage her to look in different directions, building neck muscles and stimulating hearing. When she's a little older, she can have fun shaking it herself.

3. It's easy and cheap to make baby his very own mobile. Simply grab a clothes hanger and attach a few colorful and fun items, such as glossy pictures or paper cut-outs. You can customize the mobile to represent something special you share with baby and you can change out the images as often as you like. Just be sure to keep baby's new mobile out of reach.

4. Turn that empty tissue box or Pampers wipes container into a fun surprise station for your baby. Simply fill it up with bright and textured fabrics, letters or numbers and let baby pull them out one by one, encouraging brain development.

5. And don't forget your Baby Box! When your infant has grown out of sleeping in the box, it's ready to be reused as a fort, a pirate ship, a castle, a treasure chest, or a hot air balloon as shown below!

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