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Simple, Smart Tips

Even during a diaper change, you and your baby are connecting. This necessary activity can be a great time to deepen the bond between the two of you. If you’d like to know more, continue reading for safe and smart suggestions to help stimulate your baby during diaper time.

Small (6.5 -17 lbs) Small (6.5 -17 lbs)
  1. Sing a song! “Twinkle, Twinkle” is always a crowd pleaser. You can even point to the little stars on baby’s diaper
  2. Spark your baby’s curiosity by introducing them to objects in the room. Your baby can see black, grey and white, so the higher the contrast, the better.
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Medium (13-22 lbs) Medium (13-22 lbs)
  1. Sing the alphabet song! Point to the letters on baby’s diaper and engage their developing senses of sight and sound.
  2. Choose a letter and connect it to a word. A is for Apple. B is for Baby. C is for Confidence! Again, you’re doing great.
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Large  (20-31 lbs) Large (20-31 lbs)
  1. Point to an animal on baby’s diaper and ask its name.
  2. Ask what sound each animal makes.
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X-Large  (28+ lbs) X-Large (28+ lbs)
  1. Ask your baby what they want to wear. Giving them a choice between two options may empower them to make a decision.
  2. Ask them “Where shall we go today.” Perhaps they’ll be excited about the library, or maybe the park.
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